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Making P3 Projects Happen

Mark Watts
Principal: Creative Infrastructure Solutions

Mark has been a statewide leader on transportation issues, as an advocate, administration official or legislative staff, at every level of transportation policy in California. Mark has served as the principal advocate on behalf of Transportation California, the leading statewide coalition in the transportation industry, responsible for the strategic implementation of the adoption of ACA 4 (Proposition 42) producing $1.4 billion annually, and SCA 7 (Proposition 1A), which further tightens Proposition 42, and SB 1266 (Proposition 1B), the $19.925 billion transportation bond. Mark participated as a technical adviser in support of the campaigns for both Proposition‘s 1A and 1B. 

He has served as Under Secretary for Transportation under Governor Pete Wilson where he was responsible for policy direction for Caltrans, the California Transportation Commission and the California Highway Patrol. 

In the Legislature, he served as Chief of Staff to Assembly Speaker Curt Pringle, assisting in the daily management of the Assembly. Watts also served as Chief Administrative Officer of the Assembly Rules Committee and as Staff Director for Minority Ways and Means, guiding the Assembly Republican staff in 5 state budget cycles.  

Mark is also a Principal at Smith Watts and Company in Sacramento, CA. He is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a B.A. in Economics

Who We Are
Mit K. Jha, PhD
Principal: Creative Infrastructure Solutions

​Mit has nearly 20 years of experience in transportation infrastructure markets in the United States, Europe and India. He has been focused on Public Private Partnership Projects for last ten years and has led project development, team building and pursuit strategy for a large number of mega PPPs throughout North America. He is widely recognized as an expert in PPP project development. Dr. Jha’s PPP experience during various levels of project development, feasibility and evaluation includes I-595 in FL, I75-575 in Georgia, TransTexas Corridor in TX and I-710 North and I-710 South in Los Angeles area. Mit’s strong background in traffic modeling has been one of the cornerstones of his success in developing infrastructure solutions that are financially feasible and at the same time technically and politically acceptable. He has established outstanding relationships and credibility with a number of global infrastructure concessionaires. Mit started his consulting career with Jacobs Engineering as their National Planning Principal where he was responsible for developing a national practice in transportation planning. During his five year tenure at Jacobs, he was successful in growing the practice from two planners to over 50 planners and modelers. Mit was subsequently recruited by Earth Tech Inc. where he was responsible for PPP projects in North America. During this time, he led team building and pursuit strategy that resulted in a number of Mega projects across the country. In November 2009, Mit joined PBS&J as a Senior Vice President and director of P3 Program where he was responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction to all aspects of this fastest growing business line within PBS&J. Prior to joining consulting, Mit was a Senior Research Associate at MIT where he managed a research program and supervised Graduate students thesis. His research has been published in leading international scientific journals.

Mit developed a keen understanding of fundamental drivers of PPP project development during his various executive level roles at a number of National firms. He observed that a successful PPP project emerges from a complex interaction among Technical, Political/Stakeholder and Financial aspects of the project and public agency often do not have sufficient expertise to efficiently address them and as a result a large number of PPP projects in United States stopped to at some point during project development. This provided an opportunity to form Creative Infrastructure Solutions (CIS), LLC. Mit has a PhD from Purdue University and is also an independent consultant in the area of PPP and traffic and revenue forecasting.  

Previous Employments
Senior Vice President, Director of PPP, PBS&J Inc. 
Senior Vice President, Director of Sales and Strategy, David Evans and Associates 
Vice President, Strategic Project Group, Earth Tech 
National Principal of Transportation Planning, Jacobs Engineering 
Senior Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

Tony V. Harris, P.E.
Principal: Creative Infrastructure Solutions

Tony is one of the most respected transportation professionals in the country and has demonstrated his keen understanding of this complicated industry in many high profile positions throughout his career. Over the last 20 years, his public sector experience at both the federal and state government levels has enabled him to utilize his vast transportation knowledge to develop consensus amongst many diverse constituencies for various transportation infrastructure programs and projects. 

Prior to joining Point C and Planning Company Associates, Tony was the Chief Deputy Director for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) where he managed the daily multi-modal operations of the largest state transportation department in the country. On two separate occasions, he also served as the department’s interim Director. During this assignment, he led the department through three transportation programming cycles and periods of both significant growth and reduction while continuing to improve both State and Local Agency project delivery. This assignment drew upon Tony’s wide range of 
transportation knowledge and leadership skills. 

Before becoming Chief Deputy Director, Tony was the department’s District Director responsible for the state transportation system in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Previously, he worked on projects such as the Interstate 5 widening and Route 91 Toll Road in Orange County and the Cypress Replacement Freeway in Oakland. 

Prior to joining Caltrans, Tony worked for the Federal Highway Administration in the area of federal aid dealing with transportationfunding, design and environmental clearance. Tony is a licensed Civil Engineer and is a graduate of North Carolina State University.  Additionally, Tony is a Principal at Point C.